You already know that impact windows and doors offer reliable protection from the devastating power of a hurricane. But did you know that impact windows are a great investment any time of year? 

That’s right, hurricane protection is just one of many reasons to install impact windows from Broward County’s Sanctuary Windows!

3 More Reasons You’ll Want Impact Windows:

  • Security 

We install impact windows from Mr. Glass that are designed to meet the toughest building standards. Those standards are tough enough to stand up to the fierce force of a catastrophic hurricane and you better believe that they are tough enough to stand up to home intruders trying to bust out a window in order to get inside your house, too!  

  • Sun Protection

You can put on sunscreen when you are going to be out in the sun, but what can you do to protect your home furnishings from the sun’s rays? You can install impact windows, that’s what. The way our windows from Mr. Glass are constructed, they reduce the UV rays from the sun that can cause your carpets, upholstery and curtains to fade and can dry out your wood floors and furniture – and they do it without depriving you of all that lovely natural light. 

  • Noise Reduction

South Florida can be a noisy place, but with impact windows you might not know it. That’s because impact windows provide the added benefit of insulating your home from the noise pollution that abounds. From loud neighbors who crank up the music or shoot off fireworks late at night to the trains and traffic that are so common in Broward County, you will find that impact windows provide peace and quiet in ways you might not have expected. 

If you would like more information on the benefits of impact doors and windows for your Hollywood condo or Davie home, contact us.