Maybe you have a newly constructed stone patio which is ideal for opening a sunny passage from the living room. You want a view of your garden from the kitchen but with more light and air. The French crossed doors with the windows during the 1660’s and the French had an idea about the same thing. Exported to North America more than 100 years later, the pair of wide windows opens to catch the breeze in summer and welcome the sun all year. Sanctuary Windows and Doors installed several pairs in South Florida. French doors come in a variety of designs available: uninterrupted glass to a diagonally curved diamond-shaped panel that slides or swings.

French doors for interior & exterior

French Door add practicality to all design styles. French Windows, also known as French Doors, curved patio doors and swing doors provide light in all rooms. French doors are constructed of a double sliding door that swings either inside a side latch or out of the hinged door. Another choice is one fixed door combined with a movable door, as well as one single hinged door. Make the french door seamless to the outdoors and create an individual design in your office or formal living area.

Energy efficient French doors exterior

Window glass doesn’t absorb heat as much. Options now include double or tripled glass panes that block the light, air and krypton. Energy Star label means doors are tested to comply rigorous criteria and generally the lower the U-factor the more. MrGlassWindows® sliders installed by January 31, 2016, qualify under the federal tax credit. More details are available on In addition to proper maintenance, it’s equally crucial. To reduce heat consumption and reduce air dripping, the doors must be tightly closed, and the weather seal must be clean.

Before You Buy

Unless you just swap out a French door with a new one, you’ll have the most favorable view from outside and easy access and exposure to sun and wind. Clearances: When deciding on the hinged door, ensure that it is open enough that it swings out if it swings in. The cheapest options are doors that have fixed and hinged doors with sliding hinges etc. Glass types: Transoms or side lamps may improve the impact. Textured or froze glazing provides privacy in a hurricane region.

French impact doors

French door designs are versatile, as they are elegant in use in many homes. They typically consist of 2 x hinge-locked doors with two sliding doors and locking in the middle. It can serve as the entrance door to your indoor and outdoor space. Designs can cover an entire range of uses, ranging from open air obstructed views to complete privacy applications incorporating tinted or tempered glass.

Exterior French Door Parts

Today’s exterior doorways are commonly pre-hung in a wooden frame. It helps simplify the install. Optional grilling or accessories should be included in your design.

French doors & hinged patio doors

The doors are constructed to enter the room and extend onto a terrace and provide an impressive statement and provide great ventilation. The French doors look perfect for any interior design. Exterior colors: MrGlass doors come in a variety of color shades and Faux wood Grain options.