Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Education

Utilities Savings

Even our stock window offerings will represent a great increase in your thermal barrier, upgrade to thicker glass, insulated glass and/or Low-E tint to increase your utilities savings exponentially.

SGHZ and U-Factor

These are metrics used to measure the thermal barrier provided by different windows. U-Factor measures a windows overall resistance to heat flow, lower numbers are better. SHGC(Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) has to do with the amount of Solar radiation that will be transfered through a window, lower numbers are better in this metric as well. In south florida U-Factor measures your windows ability to keep the cold air in while SHGC measures the windows ability to keep solar radiation out.

Low-E Tint

Low -E (Low-Emissivity) Tint is another heat reduction uv barrier option, the best grade being Solar Ban 70 denoted as SB70 on the window sticker. This upgrade is especially helpful in lowering SGHZ.

SB70 (Solar Ban 70)

Glass Thickness

Stock Glass for Horizontal Rollers and Singlehungs is 5/16 Laminated Glass written as :

 1/8 CLEAR HS + 0.090 PVB + 1/8 CLEAR HS

 That is, two eight inch panes of heat strengthened glass with a  one sixteenth inch thick Poly Vinyl Buteral Layer in between.

 This glass can be easily upgraded to “7/16” glass, the cost is a roughly 15% increase on the particular window

3/16 CLEAR HS + 0.090 PVB + 3/16 CLEAR HS

 Sliding doors come stock with an industry leading 9/16 glass.

1/4 CLEAR HS + 0.090 PVB + 1/4 CLEAR HS

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass adds and an additional “sacrificial” pane to your standard laminated glass, the new pane is tempered glass which will encapsulate a 3/8 inch area of air space in front of your standard impact laminated glass. Labeled as “3/16 tempered-3/8 air space-3/16 HS  1/16 PVB 3/16 HS”, This upgrade is especially helpful in lowering U-Factor as well as increasing the acoustic barrier.

"Turtle Glass"

“Turtle Glass” refers to a buiding code enforced in direct coastal areas. “Turtle Code” requires SGHZ to be brought below a certain rating  in order to combat interior lightings effect on sea turtle nesting activities, it can usually be accomplished with the combination of Low-E and Grey Tint. My sister Jenn, who helped tremendously in our website design, also created this turtle art, its not a very good picture of a turtle, we have seen better, but we decided to use it here to make her happy!

Visible Transmittance and Air Infiltration

Visible transmittance measures the amount of light that is still shining through after you have added your thermal barrier, generally the heavier the thermal barrier the less the visible transmittance, this variable is taken into consideration for interior lighting purposes. Air Infilltration deals with the amount of seepage the windows allow through imperfect seals.


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