Impact Front Door Designs

These door decorations are seamlessly applied to the glass on the inside and outside of the door.  The Look is accomplished with a perfectly color matched machine cut piece of acrylic sheeting. Alternately scroll down lower to see the Tru-Lite Impact Front Door design option which accomplish some simpler conventional looks in a different way.

Mr. Glass Doors And Windows Tru-Lite Door Divisions

Mr. Glass Also offers a “Tru-Lite” option for Impact Front door design, these doors will actually have multiple pieces of glass in each panel, a more substantial way to create some Modern door looks.  Available in 1/2 ,1/3 and 1/4 divisions, also known as 2, 3 and 4 Lite options. Add unequal Lites or Solid Panels to create many varied looks. These Mr. Glass doors come in a variety of color shades and Faux wood Grain options. Check out the striking Cinnamon Red with Rain Glass pictured below.

On the left we have a 3 Lite White Frame Impact Front Door with Linen Glass. 

On the right feast your eyes upon the Bronze Frame 4 Lite with White Interlayer Glass.

Bottom left you can see a light Faux stain on a bottom solid panel Impact Front Door.

Bottom Left peep the darkly stained “Black Wenge” 

3 Point Locking Handsets

The Mr. Glass 3-point locking handsets operate vertical throw bolts that go up into the header and down into the threshold of the door for heightened security. You could option to provide your own hardware instead but you would not be able to access the vertical bolts from the exterior of the home, you would instead have “Flushbolts” on the interior at the top and bottom of each door.

See Below the Simple and Modern Style “Crest” Style 3-point lock operating handset, available as shown in bronze, white, and brushed chrome.


If you decide to provide your own hardware or use a long ladder handle, the door will come with flushbolts on the interior top and bottom, as pictured here.

"Expression" Style Handles

Expression style 3-point lock operating handles offer a more classic looking design, available as shown, in brushed chrome.

Ladder Handles

We can also configure your door to accommodate ladder handles of your choosing, the handles should be offset as pictured in order to leave room to operate the deadbolt. These doors will come equipped with spring operated roller catches which hold the door closed, these doors would also have Flushbolts.