Mr. Glass Doors and Windows

Mr. Glass Doors and Windows products are our 
exclusive offering. we have found their pressure ratings and thermal barriers to be objectively superior to other brands. They also look way nicer!!!

The Horizontal Rolling Window

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows “HR” is a window that slides either left or right, as you might have guessed. Its large available widths allow you to treat openings that used to house 2, or even 3  Singlehung windows  with a single horizontal rolling unit. This results in bigger glass panes and less framework for a sexier look. The HR is also available in a XOX triple glass wide formation which can be configured as either 1/4-1/2-1/4 or 1/3-1/3-1/3 at your request. These windows can be 96″ wide for a double an 126″ for a single, and up to 74 ” tall.

In the model descriptions X denotes a moving glass panel while O denotes a fixed, or stationary glass panel, XO description is always ordered as viewed from the exterior.

Horizontal Rollers

This former exterior porch required some custom wood solutions to finish off the room.

Horizontal Rollers

These where trimmed with square edge 5/4 Poplar wood window sills with true 1″ deep LDF casing and skirt.

XOX 1/4 1/2 1/4

Notice the center fixed panel is double the size of the sliding “vents”. This customer chose bronze tint with white frames, an interesting look!

XOX 1/3 1/3 1/3

Notice all panels are the same width on this XOX. The existing steel corner column has been wrapped inside and out with matching bronze “break metal”. Bronze frames and clear glass.

French Doors / Swinging Doors

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows french door, or swing door, is an exceedingly archetecturally sound product, I believe Mr. Glass’s history with storefront window and door manufacture has contributed to their ability to engineer, and consistently deliver such true doors. 

In my experience other manufacturers have real trouble in this area causing the installer to often resort to installing doors out of level to obtain function, equal reveals, and seal. 

This Beautiful door is available in sizes up to 98″ tall, and with two sidelites up to 156″ wide. It is designed to interlock with sidelites for a sleek no mull bar connection. 

Available configurations are X, XO, OX, OXO, OXX, XXO, and OXXO. 

It comes stock with up and down throw bolts and can be upgraded to include a keyed 3 point lock operating handset which throws 2 vertical and one horizontal bolt in one motion from interior or exterior.

This is a really awesome feature that we definitely suggest, especially for front doors. 

The French door is also available with many different options in applied door decoration making it a serious competitor with other manufacturers designer front door offerings at a considerably lower cost.

Swing Door

Here is a single door with two sidelites, showing one of the awesome decorations available, click button for all decos

Custom scenarios

This French Door with has privacy glass, with clear glass on the 2 custom height  sidelites.

Double Door

This double with Deco shows the three point handset, customer chose Bronze handles on white door, an interesting look, handles are available as Bronze, White, and Brushed Chrome.

Wood Trim

Here you can see the wooden extended jamb and casing that we supply and install inclusive on every french door. 

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Sliding Glass Doors

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows  Sliding Glass Door, MG1000,  In my opinion the crowning jewel of the Mr. Glass collection. This super robust door’s frame is 2 1/4 at its thinnest point with glass a whopping 9/16 thick. Compare to PGT respective 1 3/4 and 7/16, and the skimpy 1 1/4 inch frames of many other brands.

This product can pass HVHZ at 10 ft tall with 48″ wide panels, and at 8 ft tall supports panels up to 60″ wide.

Its proportional design is the picture of security and luxury. Its available up to 10 ft tall and 16 ft wide as a testament to its strength. It is designed with its active panel on the outside track fully interlocked and its inside panel braced with inaccesable full length screw covers to forever solve the long running problem of insecure sliding doors. Available in XO,OX,XX,OXO,XOX and OXXO configurations. 

Multi Track Sliders

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Multi Track Slider has all the same specifications as the regular slider but adds the prospect of stackable doors for larger entrances. It is has 3 tracks instead of 2 and is accordingly available as an XXX or an XXXXXX, as perverse as that may seem.

Max dimensions 288″ x 120″ or 360″ x 96″

Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Multi-Track slider

Single Hung Windows

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Single hung window also brings beautiful proportion and robust frames. Available in equal height or custom Proview configurations that extend the upper glass height and reduce the moveable  “sash”. Every grid formation being easily customizable, Colonial and Brittany. It also has 3 different grid profiles: Pyramid, Ogee and Flat.

This window is  Impact Rated up to 53″ wide and 96″ tall.

Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Singlehung Window
Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Singlehung Window

The Fixed Window

The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows fixed window retains all the robust beauty of the rest of the Mr. Glass lineup, it is easily configurable in all sorts of custom shapes and sizes. Circles, half circles, arches with legs, trapezoids, triangles and much more. Impact rated 66″ tall at 60″ wide and up to 114″ tall at 30″ wide.

Sanctuary Windows Doors 4
Sanctuary Windows 5

Casement Window

 The Mr. Glass Doors and Windows casement window is a super smooth operating crank driven pane that swings out like a door. Well engineered and handsome looking this window is available as X and XX. There is also the option to customize with an integral transom, an attached fixed window above or below.

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