Impact Windows in FL?

Impact Windows FL are reinforced with glass and can help prevent damage caused by hurricane-force winds. Category two hurricanes can produce up to 110 miles per hour of wind speeds. Hurricanes of category 4 can cause winds exceeding 150 mph and can destroy the entire house and seriously destroy people. Your best defense is an excellent-designed home which has properly constructed windows and doors backed with glass. Impact Windows glass of modern technology withstands an astounding number of abuses.

Our toughest protection for windows & doors

Based on location and design, the customer has the ability to choose from a number of performance options that are compatible to local codes*. In addition to protecting your windows, impact-resistant glasses prevent windblown debris from entering and eliminate the inconvenience and cost associated with storing storm shutters. The decision to install a window in a coastal home can be influenced by numerous factors. It’s sometimes difficult navigating code requirements for each area so choose reputable dealers, contractors & builders who’ll help guide your work.

MrGlassWindows® Protection

All of your window doors and patio doors are protected against hurricanes for safety. Our coastal products meet rigorous testing. MrGlassWindows® protection is designed and developed in response to strict building codes* in coastal regions. Choose from a wide choice of windows and doors with different styles built for Mother Nature while preserving design flexibility. **AAMA / WDMA / CSA101 – ISA/A44008. Performance value varies a lot based on products. See Product performance information. Contact your neighborhood codes department to find requirements for your area.

What is laminated glass?

Impact glass consists primarily of laminate glass that sandwiches a near-invisible layer of plastic between two glass panes. Lamination of glass helps strengthen window panes, but the main advantage is when the glass breaks, the plastic keeps the fragment together. This tough material is designed to stop projectiles from entering windows into houses thus reducing injury chances.

MG-200 series impact windows

Very good value for money. This product offers reliable performance even in harsh conditions using technology used on the coasts of the U.S. over the past 50 years. A ll MG400 Series products meet Florida Building Code for High Velocity Hurricane Zone. Check your local code official for your city code requirements. 1Test for AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101 A.S.2/ A440-8. Performance values are varied for specialized products.

Why not Plywood, Shutters or Storm Windows?

Installing plywood around doors or windows can protect the house from hurricane damage. Nevertheless, plywood is difficult because it’s installed first, then taken down, and then installed before storms come. It is common in Florida to experience many hurricanes. How does one install plywood when they travel to other countries or when they are on vacation? Using repair people could prove nearly impossible, as it is likely that nobody is needed.

Everything you need to know about impact resistance and hurricane windows and doors

Hurricanes windows and doors are designed for enduring the harsher weather conditions and can be more effective than standard windows. Strong hurricane glass also known as laminate glass can be inserted as an alternative to standard window glass. Hurricane glass was developed to protect against extreme wind speed and debris.

Impact Glass is the best of both worlds

Impact glass is a type of steroid glass which can be used for safety reasons. Most resilient impacts glass integrates tempered and laminated glass in single or triple-pane units. And both the laminates that hold glass together and the glass tempered glass itself have more than normal glass thickness. Impact-resistant glasses were tested using simulated wind speeds over 100 mph. Glass companies tested reinforced door frames and windows in two x 4 aircraft with impact glass. They were thrown at them at speeds of 40 and 90 mph and hit them with a steel ball at about 70 mph.

Proper installation is key

Installing or replacing normal windows or doors is not an average DIY activity. A poorly installed system can invalidate a warranty and result in poor efficiency, poor operation, shorter product life and increased risks of water infiltration. In addition, it’s possible to not come back during the final test to see if an installed window has failed, causing rework and additional expenses.

What are the benefits of impact glass?

Installing a glass door or window can prevent wind blown debris, accumulated during storms if they hit your house or cause property damage and serious injury. Even if it helps prevent tripping the sidewalk signs from falling down the stairs, it’s not the debris that’s the biggest risk. It is possible for a storm to sweep into an open house with all its doors tightly closed so the building is likely to collapse.

Why impact?

Impact doors will shatter in a collision if the windows hit. Hurricane window is constructed from laminated glass that keeps hurricanes secure through the durable Interlayer that stays intact despite serious impacts and protects against extremes. It provides enhanced security, sound reduction, and convenience of living.

How do hurricane impact windows work?

Similar to automobile glass construction, hurricane windows made of laminated glass are reinforced with two pieces made of solid but still flexible polymer layers between. This plastic coating is created to be stable even after the glass has been ruined. It also stops the glass from forming huge sharp pieces that could potentially cause serious injuries to any resident of the house. MrGlassWindows hurricane glass is impact-resistant by shooting a 2-wheeler at 60fps in a second on the glass. The windows are shot from three angles during a test.

Not all impact-resistant windows and doors are created equal

Window and door companies generally do not use the glass they manufacture and a few small glass producers produce most of the glass for homes in North America. Various manufacturers manufacture high quality impact glass. But glass is not just the only component of the hurricane proof windows and doors. Window and door cladding and frame sashes are the things that separate them. You don’t get the strongest protection from windows that have extremely strong impact glass and have the other components weak.

Upgrade Your Home With Impact Windows & Doors

Sanctuary Windows and Door has been a leading supplier and installer of hurricane windows and doors in the Broward, Miami and Palm Beach area, If you would like more information about our hurricane impact windows, please contact us today.