The 2021 Hurricane Season officially started on June 1. In addition to equipping your home in Broward County with impact windows and doors, what else should you do to make sure that you and your loved ones will be safe when a hurricane comes knocking on your door? Have a hurricane plan in place!

It’s not just the Boy Scouts who need to be prepared. Anyone who lives in a hurricane-prone area – like every single one of us here in South Florida – needs to be prepared when hurricane season arrives. You don’t want to wait until a hurricane is approaching the coast to start getting ready. 

How To Prepare for a Hurricane

Experts all agree, it’s important to have a plan in place before a storm is headed your way. These questions will help you make a start on developing a plan for your family: 

  • Do you know if you are in an evacuation zone? There are different evacuation zones based on where you live. An evacuation order may not apply just to people who live along the coast. 
  • If you do have to evacuate, where will you go? Don’t assume that what you have done in the past will work again this year. With Covid-19 still a very real and present danger, people are encouraged to think of evacuation shelters as a destination of last resort. 
  • Do you members of your family have special needs that your plan needs to take into account? Will you have an adequate supply of prescriptions? Does someone rely on an oxygen machine that runs on electricity? 
  • Don’t forget to consider your furry family members, too! Most hurricane shelters do not accept pets; those that do usually require you to be pre-register.
  • Do you the necessary supplies you will need in the event of a power outage? If a hurricane is coming your way, you can assume that you will lose power. Even if you have a generator, you might be cut off from help after the storm barrels through. It’s so much easier to put together the things you need for a basic disaster kit now than it will be when the hurricane watch is posted. 


Having a plan in place will give you and your family peace of mind. And so will the proven quality of impact windows from Mr. Glass.