Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors of Broward County is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. You may not be planning to buy a modern front door – like the stylish doors from Mr. Glass that we carry – but there are plenty of other small businesses in the community that could use your support.  

We get it – in some cases it might be easier to hop online and order gifts for the people on your list from Amazon or some other large entity, but that little bit of extra effort you put into shopping small can have big rewards. 

When you shop small, you are more likely to find a gift that is unique and will really show someone how much you care. And you don’t need to risk your health. You can shop small from the safety of your home. Just about every store or local service you can think of will have a website. 

If you are shopping for friends and family who live in other parts of the country, you might even be able to save on shipping by shopping small in the city or town where your gift recipient lives! Just like here in Broward, many local stores will offer some kind of delivery service. 

Small Businesses Give All Year 

Small family businesses like ours – from the “mom and pop” stores to the innovative entrepreneurial efforts that have been launched in response to the pandemic – are the core of any community. 

The small businesses in Broward County and other communities around the country: 

  • Provide jobs
  • Pump money into the local economy
  • Offer you options and expertise not available from big box stores.  

The Harvard Business Review said of these small businesses, “The performance edge family businesses have over their non-family business counterparts has been explained by their dogged pursuit of operational excellence. Family firms tend to take a long-term view of investments and relationships, stay in ownership control to do things their way, focus on persistent improvement and innovation, develop loyal stakeholder relationships, build key talent in select individuals, carry lower debt, and build greater financial stability.”

In some ways, you can think of any small business – whether it is a one-of-a-kind women’s fashion boutique or a dog-walking and pet-sitting service – as a family business. And this has been a particularly hard year for most of them. 

We hope you will join with all of us at Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors of Broward County in supporting them. 

And, from our family to yours, best wishes for a joyful holiday.