Mother Nature obviously didn’t get the memo saying that hurricane season doesn’t start until June 1. Every year for the past six years, named tropical storms have developed in the month of May. Fortunately, here at Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors in Broward County, we don’t wait for someone else to tell us when it’s time to start getting ready for hurricane season.

The scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are considering changing the date that hurricane season officially begins. It has been June 1, but given the activity over the past six years, it would appear that that isn’t accurate any longer. 


As the Orlando Sentinel points out, “Improved monitoring and updated policies have led to the identification of more of these storms, which are often brief, hybrid subtropical systems.”

So, are tropical storms in fact forming earlier in the year than in the past or is it a case of enhanced technology that is better able to identify storms that were forming but went undetected in the past? 

Apparently, the idea of changing the start of hurricane season to May 15 was first floated at a conference in December 2020. (Good to know that Covid-19 couldn’t cancel every single conference. Even if it was held online, we are glad the scientists didn’t leave discussions about hurricane season for another time1)

The Orlando Sentinel reports that, “The change will be discussed by representatives from the National Hurricane Center, the National Weather Service headquarters and both the eastern and southern National Weather Service headquarters. The meeting will review the ‘quantitative threshold’ for changing the Atlantic hurricane season’s official timeline, the statement said. Any change also would require consideration of the new calendar’s impact.”

Of course, it doesn’t really matter when the experts say hurricane season begins. It’s never too early to start getting prepared. If you’ve been meaning to look into having impact windows and doors installed, don’t wait for the bureaucrats to make a decision. Contact Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors in Broward County for information about stylish and secure Mr. Glass doors and windows.