Here at Sanctuary Windows, we spend a lot of time talking about the things that our impact windows keep out of Broward County homes – like hurricane force winds, intruders and thieves, unwelcome noise and damaging UV rays from the sun – but there are a lot of wonderful things that impact windows and doors from Mr. Glass let in, too!

Just the other day, someone was telling us about a popular group on Facebook that sprang up while most of the world was on lockdown during the pandemic. It’s called View from My Window

If you felt like the walls were closing in on you during the quarantine, View from My Window would allow you to see amazing sights beyond as a delightful change to what you were seeing day after day (after day!). 

The idea (as so many good ideas are!) is very simple: you post a picture taken from your window showing people what you see every day and then, as the organizers say, “let everyone see how blessed and Lucky you are!!!”

There are just a few basic rules: 

  • No selfies or friends and family pictures
  • No Political posts
  • No Hate Speech or Bullying
  • No Promotions or Spam
  • Be Kind and Courteous
  • Respect Everyone’s Privacy 

Not surprisingly, the group has been incredibly popular. In just the short time since it was created, the page has racked up more than 200,000 members (close to 300,000 if you count the knockoff Facebook page, which is called A View from My Window) with countless others checking in for a lovely little reminder that there is a big, beautiful world that is still out there, waiting to be explored when it is safe once again to do so. 

We would love to see the view out of your window! And just think, if you install impact windows for your Plantation, Davie or Hollywood home, you won’t need those hurricane shutters anymore, so you will still be able to enjoy the view when we have a hurricane warning.