How we convert your settlement into a Sanctuary

Low to No Security Glass

Old non-Impact glass is sometimes as thin as 1/8 inch overall, incredibly easy to break. 

Impact Glass

Mr. Glass windows come stock with 5/16″ thick glass and are easily upgraded to 7/16″ thick. The french door glass is 7/16″ thick and the sliding door glass is an incredible 9/16″ thick. This laminated glass is comprised of two equally thick pieces of heat strengthened glass with a PVB layer in between. Needless to say, nothings getting through any of it.

Sliding door insecurity


Having personally dismantled and installed hundreds of sliding glass doors, new and old, I am of the opinion that they are the single weakest link in your homes theft barrier, information not lost on professional burglars, most fixed panels and locking catches being fastened with incredibly inadequate self tapping metal screws, or sometimes even screwless alligator clips. 

High Security Sliders

Mr Glass has solved the age old problem of insecure sliding doors by placing the active panel, fully interlocked and latched in a concrete screw secured catch as the outside panel, while placing solid aluminum bracing at the header and base of the fixed panel inaccessible from outside. Which is to say, you can’t break in to these doors!!”

Constant Cacophony


Thin glass and frames, and imperfect seals allow for very little in noise reduction. If you live near an airport or busy highway, or any urban environment, the intrusive clamor can really challenge your serenity. 

Noise Pollution Reduction

One of the least acknowledged benefits of Impact windows and doors is the noise cancelling effect. Mr. Glass also offers insulated glass options to take the already high sound barrier to the next level.

Lockpickers Rejoice

Most Deadbolts and handsets are old hat for a professional theif. Even without any special skills a well placed crowbar will make short work of a traditional handset and deadbolt.

Lockpickers Disperse

All Mr Glass french doors come standard with throw bolts in three directions, 1 up, 1 down  and 1 sideways. This offers a serious impediment to any unwanted entrance.  There is also the upgrade option of a keyed, 3-point lock operating handsets, as pictured, that operate both vertical throw bolts and horizontal deadbolt with one motion. This is a super secure and ergonomic feature. The added bonus of the handset, beyond ease of use, is that it can be operated from outside the home as well, leaving all bolts secured even when your not home.

Energy Deficiency

Your existing thin glass, deficient tint, and imperfect seals are causing major heat exchange. The cold air is going out and the hot air and glare is coming in causing high electrical bills and the constant over exertion of your air conditioning system.

Maximum Energy Conservation

Impact Windows and Doors offer appreciable reductions in cooling costs. Mr. Glass windows provides an extensive heat barrier improvement due to tight seals, thick frames, and thick glass even without upgrades. Upgrades like thicker glass, Low-E tint and Insulated glass can be added and combined to reach amazing levels of energy conservation.

Storm Shutter Servitude

Closing accordions is no fun, worse yet hanging and removing metal storm panels. How about hunting down plywood and screwing directly to your home. Its no wonder some are tempted to leave their homes shuttered for the duration of the season, not fun, however novel it might be to live in the dark for a bit.

Storm Window Freedom

Watch the swirling seas and wind blown trees from the comfort of your own living room, no more time consuming hurricane home preparation. Mr. Glass windows come stock with PSF pressures of +80/-80. Thats higher than PGT and most other windows on the market. It translates to strong category 5 protection, to be specific that rating guarantees the glass can with stand negative, and positive pressures, of up to 120 pounds per square foot.

Leaky Windows

Leaky windows causing bad smells, rotted wood, bug infestations and worst of all mold.

Water Tight Solution

Mr Glass Windows are manufactured with strong sealants and designed to create a near Hermetic seal. Sanctuary windows and doors includes the removal and replacement of water damaged and/or moldy wooden window bucks, as well as the repair of the drywall returns when necessary, lets clear the air!!

Non Functioning Windows and Doors

Do you have windows that haven’t been open in years, are you afraid if you did get them open they might not close again. Doors that are out of alignment, damaged door jambs, is getting in and out sometimes a workout?

Smooth Operators

Mr. Glass Doors and Windows installed expertly with true alignment in all 3 dimensions by Sanctuary windows and doors provide superior ease of operation. There are a few months in the year when leaving the windows open a bit can be delightful, al Mr. Glass windows come with easily removable screens. Lets get some air in here!

Ugly old windows and doors

Are your windows aged to imperfection? Outdated models, old styles, thin construction, stained  glass, dilapidated tint, or otherwise just ugly?

Serious Style Upgrade

Mr. Glass windows and doors have a severely impressive appearance. Their Robust, well proportioned frames have the look and feel of straight luxury. We strive to install with perfect symmetrical alignment and clean smooth caulk lines to upgrade the turtle grandeur of your home to that of a pickles cabins wear only status.

Corroded Frames

Are your window frames corroded, spotty, peeling or otherwise faded? Have the years of sun and possibly salinity done a number on your windows and doors paint finish?

Fresh Paint

New Mr. Glass come stock with 3 different “powdercoat” paint options, white, bronze and anodized(silver). This durable stock paint has a beautiful and even sheen. Upgrade to Kynar and Duranar versions for high stress or coastal areas to gain the 10 year paint warranty.

Storm Vulnerability

The short weak screws, sporadic screw points, and thin glass of your non-impact windows and doors are no match for a direct high force hurricane hit, and after a few windows and doors break or fly out your house is ready to have its friggin’ roof blown off!

Hurricane Protection

Mr. Glass windows come stock with PSF pressures of +80/-80. Thats higher than PGT and most other windows on the market. It translates to strong category 5 protection, to be specific that rating guarantees the glass can with stand negative, and positive pressures, of up to 120 pounds per square foot. Mr. Glass Doors are even higher at +100/-100. Don’t “get lifted”.

Dirty Hot Screened in Porch

The heat of South Florida can make a screened in porch a waste of space for many months of the year.

Extended Living space

Contract us to design and install an awesome window wall and/or door wall enclosure to increase the “under air” square footage of your home in style.

Impact Window Replacement to Choose

When choosing hurricane windows and door replacements you need the help of a high quality manufacturer. Make sure you hire a contractor of good reputation. Another factor that should also be considered is the location of your home, if you reside in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach Counties or close to coastal communities your home could suffer severe damage.

Windstorms can cause heavy rain or a wind storm, and the pains can be overwhelming. Although safety doesn’t have sticker costs, it can be useful if you look at your budget. This is useful for keeping your home safe at an affordable cost.


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