A Family of Installers


Sanctuary Windows and Doors is a family owned and operated company whose 3 generations have a combined 44+ years experience in the field.


After years of Installing for other companies we have forged a relationship with Mr. Glass Manufacturing to delve into the world of supply.


We got our start 20 years ago in trim carpentry and have specialized in exterior windows and doors for the last 10 years.


We are licensed and Insured in Broward County. CC# 15-FC18589-X




Family Owned

“Hi, My name is Alex Barraco, I am the owner operator of Sanctuary Windows and Doors. My Father, Frank, handles all of our measuring and permit running. ┬áMy two sons Gannon and Evan are apprentice installers. My Brother-in Law Nick participates in sales and marketing and my sister Jenn helps with graphic design, she created our logo.

Small Company

Our small size, home office, and less middlemen approach gives us a lower overhead cost position to present you the some of the smost competitive prices as well as presenting you with the personalized attention that each customer and home requires for an optimal outcome. We strive to be at the cutting edge of disintermediation, the hopeful future of the service industry.

Honesty and Integrity

We operate our business from the standpoint of providing the highest possible value in impact windows and doors. It is our goal to truly provide our customers with considerable improvement to their property at fair prices. We take our reputation and moreover our alignment to sound moral philosophy very seriously. Its the principality of the matter!!

We are installers first, our unique business model eliminates the expensive non- installer salesmen and contractors and the costly mistakes that often plague other companies in the industry, and their customers, in the form of bad measurements, wrong orders, low quality or unfinished installations and failed inspections. We strive for disintermediation, the hopeful future of the service market.

Ask about additional trim installation such as crown moulding, baseboards, interior doors, picture frames, chair rail, wainscot, custom columns, ceiling build outs, and much more. We have familial connections with management at Ouro Custom Woodwork where we source all of our millwork needs at great rates that we pass on to our customers.

Our deep background in trim carpentry makes us door installation experts, assuring all doors are functioning perfectly with tight seals and equal reveals. It also allows us to replace or add wood extended jambs, casings, and even create custom wooden window sills to bring your project to completion with no loose ends. Ask about additional trim installation such as crown moulding, baseboards, interior doors, picture frames, wainscot, and much more.

Unlike many competitors Sanctuary is not trying to pressure you into a quick close, we aim to earn your business by patiently proving to you that we represent the best overall value in Impact windows and doors. That means we wont require all desicion makers to be present for a 2 hour sales pitch. We encourage you to shop around and compare our product, installation scope, and price to the competition because we are confident of the overall service we provide.

We have copious experience with all types of products and sizes and have executed some amazing installations over the years. Most of all, our experience has resulted in the formulation of systems and tactics that allow us to efficiently execute every step of the ordering and installation process.

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Alex Barraco


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