Expert Impact Windows and Doors Installation
Years Of Experience

Accurate Measurements

Expert Impact Windows and Doors Installation in South Florida

Meet the site plan artist, my dad, Frank. A successful install is dependent on accurate measurement. Sanctuary orders all the windows and doors for your house at custom sizes. We meticulously measure each window and door and create an impeccable footprint drawing and window ledger including elevation drawings for custom scenarios on every project to assure all the windows and doors we supply are a perfect fit.
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Impact Windows and Doors Installation in South Florida- ASSEMBLY LINE EFFICIENCY

Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors employs a structured assembly line plan to enhance the speed and quality of our installation. We select a group of windows and doors and send our team around to perform certain tasks to all windows in the selected group. With the help of a written ordered checklist of tasks we assure uniformity and increase efficiency. This is translated to you in shorter install periods as well as labor cost savings.

Precision Laser Leveling: Perfect Alignment for Flawless Functionality

Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors uses Laser leveling procedures to assure all windows and doors are true in all 3 dimensions, Square, level, and plumb resulting in perfect function and symmetry. We also use lasers to align windows and doors with each other and at specified heights for uniform flooring reveals when necessary.

Impact Windows and Doors Installation in South Florida

Sanctuary Windows & Doors: South Florida's Premier Installers

Ensuring Cleanliness, Durability, and Excellence in Every Window and Door Installation

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We strive for the most non-invasive installation process possible, cover everything with plastic, and use pads and canvas on floors. We also employ the vacuum while grinding to keep airborne dust to a minimum. Even so,  replacing your windows and doors is an extensive demolition/construction job so some level of dust is to be expected, no worry, for whole house installs we schedule a visit from our affiliated cleaning company, or pay for your cleaner to make the extra visit if preferred.

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Sanctuary provides a 5 year warranty on all aspects of our labor. We guarantee the smooth function and watertight results and will gladly return and service anything that doesn’t meet your expectations.
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Sanctuary supplies, and applies, extremely viscus, high grade and weather resistant exterior caulk to assure complete water tight seal for years to come. We use Elco brand concrete screws, recognized for their superior strength and often specifically denoted on plans where extreme holding power is required.


No upcharges or loose ends

Unlike the extended disclaimers, service limitations and upcharges offered by many competitors Sanctuary Impact Windows and Doors installation price includes all necessary wood buck repair or replacement to meet code, window treatment removal/replacement, stucco/drywall repair and door hardware installation. Also Included is the removal and disposal of old windows and shutters, floor cutting where necessary for doors and the installation of wood extended jambs and casing on all french doors. We leave everything paint ready, painting however, is not included.





Josh Parreco
Josh Parreco
We bought a house last year in Hollywood and Sanctuary recently completed the whole house installation of hurricane doors and windows. I got quotes from several companies before the project. We have some unique windows that all the companies needed to charge extra for. All the quotes were in the same ballpark but I really liked the responsiveness and honest discussions from everyone at Sanctuary so I went with them. The install went smooth and we are incredibly happy with the final result. The house feels super secure now and we got a great discount on our home owners insurance. We had an issue with the inspection of our unique windows but Alex, Gannon, and the whole team went above and beyond to get the project completed at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this company anyone. Thank you!
lionel milanes
lionel milanes
I used Sanctuary window and doors to replace all windows and doors in my home with impact windows and doors. From start to finish everything was quality work and the installation crew was amazing. Highly recommended. -Odalis Milanes
Andrea Lyn
Andrea Lyn
Alex and his team are awesome. They installed my impact sliders last year and they were efficient and easy to work with. I have had an issue come up since and the same day someone was at my house fixing the issue which is outstanding. I will continue to recommend them to my neighbors and whoever needs the services they provide.
Rob DelVecchio
Rob DelVecchio
We choose Sanctuary Windows and Doors to replace our aging front double doors and back single door with hurricane/impact rated French doors and are very pleased with both the product and the installation. The entire team was very professional from the beginning of the sales process all the way through the installation. Thank you Sanctuary Window and Doors for a job well done!
Laura Correia
Laura Correia
Had 8 windows and 3 doors replaced. They did a great job and highly recommend. The windows took months but this is not something that they have control over. Alex kept his word on everything...extremely trustworthy. Thanks again!
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
From the very beginning, I sensed a very positive vibe dealing with Alex. Hard to find a business that delivers on its promise so responsibly. The installation staff were also true professionals and very courteous. 100% recommended.
Nicholas Garofalo
Nicholas Garofalo
Work delivered as promised by a seasoned team of window professionals. Windows are high quality and greatly enhanced the look of the house while providing us the security of of knowing we have hurricane proof windows and doors. Installation was done quickly. Would definitely use them again.