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5 Tricks and Tips For Choosing the Right Window Supplier and Installer

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Insider Industry, Tricks & Tips for Picking the Right Window Supplier and Installer

When it comes to selecting an impact window and door company, making the right choice is essential. With so many options available, it can be challenging to navigate the process.

In this guide, we provide industry insider tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect window supplier and installer. Let’s explore five key factors to consider on your journey to secure and stylish windows and doors.

How to Choose the Best Window Supplier and Installer?

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Tip 1: Understanding the Job Scope

Comprehensive Service Offering

Before you commit to a window and door company, it’s crucial to understand what your prospective window supplier and installer offers. Some companies may not include essential services like drywall repair, stucco repair, blind removal and reinstallation, floor work, trim work, storm shutter removal, and other essential tasks in their basic package.

These additional services can incur extra costs if not addressed upfront. A reliable window supplier and installer will provide a detailed quote, covering all aspects of the job to avoid unexpected expenses.

Tip 2: Evaluating Company Reputation

Importance of Genuine Reviews

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Customer reviews are a valuable resource when evaluating window suppliers and installers. A company’s rating and feedback from past customers can provide critical insights into their service quality.

Look for companies with consistently positive reviews, but be vigilant. Even businesses with high ratings may have a few negative reviews. The key is to read through these reviews to understand the specific concerns and issues raised.

A company that has one bad review among many positive ones is a more reliable choice than a company with numerous negative ratings.

Tip 3: Assessing Product Quality

Checking Pressure Ratings and Glass Thickness

In the world of impact windows, companies often boast about the strength and durability of their products. To objectively assess window strength, pay attention to pressure ratings. These ratings are typically displayed as a range, such as +80/-80, indicating both positive and negative direct pressures the window can withstand.

Additionally, consider the glass thickness, as it contributes to the window’s overall resilience. While some windows feature 5/16-inch glass, others offer greater thickness, such as 9/16 inches. Choose a window with the appropriate pressure rating and glass thickness for your specific needs.

Tip 4: Choosing the Right Materials

Material Suitability for Your Region

In regions like South Florida, it’s advisable to avoid vinyl windows or insulated glass. These materials often lead to a weaker outer glass pane, which is less resistant to flying debris.

A better alternative is low-emissivity tint, which doesn’t compromise the window’s strength and offers a thermal barrier. Moreover, vinyl windows can be more expensive, so avoiding them can be a cost-effective choice.

Tip 5: Prioritizing Installation Quality

Focus on the Installer’s Expertise

Often, the quality of installation is as important as the product itself. Evaluate the reviews and reputation of the window installer, rather than solely focusing on the manufacturer. 

Remember, manufacturers are often judged based on installation quality, which may not directly reflect their product quality. A skilled installer ensures proper fitting, sealing, and finishing, which are crucial for the window’s performance and longevity.

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Why Choose Sanctuary Windows and Doors?

In your quest for the perfect window supplier and installer, Sanctuary Windows and Doors stands out as the ideal choice. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service, from the initial consultation to the final installation. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive solutions, ensuring that all ancillary services like drywall and stucco repair are included.

Our reputation is built on authentic, positive customer reviews, reflecting our dedication to customer satisfaction. With our focus on high-quality materials and meticulous installation techniques, we provide windows that offer superior strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

At Sanctuary Windows and Doors, we understand the importance of every detail in window installation, and our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering excellence. 

Choosing us means investing in peace of mind, knowing that your home is equipped with the best windows, installed by a trusted and reputable team.

Final Thoughts

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Choosing the right window supplier and installer is a decision that impacts not just the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also its safety, energy efficiency, and value. By paying attention to these key factors, you can ensure that your investment is sound and your home is well-equipped to handle whatever nature throws its way.

Don’t rush the decision—take your time to ensure you select a company that meets your needs and delivers the quality you deserve. Your peace of mind and the comfort of your home depend on it.

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Josh Parreco
Josh Parreco
We bought a house last year in Hollywood and Sanctuary recently completed the whole house installation of hurricane doors and windows. I got quotes from several companies before the project. We have some unique windows that all the companies needed to charge extra for. All the quotes were in the same ballpark but I really liked the responsiveness and honest discussions from everyone at Sanctuary so I went with them. The install went smooth and we are incredibly happy with the final result. The house feels super secure now and we got a great discount on our home owners insurance. We had an issue with the inspection of our unique windows but Alex, Gannon, and the whole team went above and beyond to get the project completed at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this company anyone. Thank you!
lionel milanes
lionel milanes
I used Sanctuary window and doors to replace all windows and doors in my home with impact windows and doors. From start to finish everything was quality work and the installation crew was amazing. Highly recommended. -Odalis Milanes
Andrea Lyn
Andrea Lyn
Alex and his team are awesome. They installed my impact sliders last year and they were efficient and easy to work with. I have had an issue come up since and the same day someone was at my house fixing the issue which is outstanding. I will continue to recommend them to my neighbors and whoever needs the services they provide.
Rob DelVecchio
Rob DelVecchio
We choose Sanctuary Windows and Doors to replace our aging front double doors and back single door with hurricane/impact rated French doors and are very pleased with both the product and the installation. The entire team was very professional from the beginning of the sales process all the way through the installation. Thank you Sanctuary Window and Doors for a job well done!
Laura Correia
Laura Correia
Had 8 windows and 3 doors replaced. They did a great job and highly recommend. The windows took months but this is not something that they have control over. Alex kept his word on everything...extremely trustworthy. Thanks again!
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
From the very beginning, I sensed a very positive vibe dealing with Alex. Hard to find a business that delivers on its promise so responsibly. The installation staff were also true professionals and very courteous. 100% recommended.
Nicholas Garofalo
Nicholas Garofalo
Work delivered as promised by a seasoned team of window professionals. Windows are high quality and greatly enhanced the look of the house while providing us the security of of knowing we have hurricane proof windows and doors. Installation was done quickly. Would definitely use them again.