What’s the Difference Between
Normal and Impact Windows?

What’s the Difference Between
Normal and Impact Windows?

What's the Difference Between Normal and Impact Windows?

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Living in Florida comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to weathering hurricanes and severe storms. That’s why understanding the difference between normal and impact windows is more than just a matter of choice – it’s about safety, security, and peace of mind.

Sanctuary Windows and Doors is dedicated to providing Florida residents with the best in hurricane-resistant windows and doors. In this blog, we’ll explore the difference between normal and impact windows, and why impact windows are the superior choice for your home.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows, also known as hurricane-resistant windows, are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including the high winds and flying debris typical of hurricanes. 

Unlike regular windows, they consist of a robust frame and special laminated glass. This glass is composed of two sheets of glass bonded with a clear, strong interlayer, providing an extra layer of protection.

PVB Layer in Glass Impact Windows

Difference Between Normal and Impact Windows

One of the most noticeable differences is their ability to withstand harsh weather. While normal windows can shatter under the force of flying debris, impact windows are designed to resist breaking. Even if the glass cracks, the interlayer keeps the overall window intact, preventing water and debris from entering your home.


Impact windows are not just about weather resistance; they are also incredibly durable. The materials used in their construction are designed to last, ensuring that your windows remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. On the other hand, regular windows might need more frequent replacements due to wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency

Another significant advantage of impact windows is their energy efficiency. They are excellent insulators, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This not only makes your home more comfortable but also reduces energy bills, a benefit that standard windows often can’t match.


The strength of impact windows also offers enhanced security. Their robust design deters intruders, providing peace of mind that regular windows may not offer.

Noise Reduction

For those living in busy areas, impact windows can significantly reduce noise levels, creating a more tranquil home environment. Regular windows don’t offer the same level of sound insulation.

Insurance Benefits

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for homes with impact windows. This is a recognition of the reduced risk that these windows bring, from both weather and security standpoints.

How to Tell if a Door Has Impact Glass?

Identifying if a door has impact glass is key for ensuring safety. Look for:

  • Thick, Heavy Glass: Impact glass is thicker and heavier than regular glass.
  • A Layered Structure: Check for the laminated layer within the glass.
  • Certification Labels: Impact-resistant doors usually have a label or etching indicating they meet specific safety standards.

If You Live in a Hurricane Zone, You Should Have Impact Doors and Windows

In hurricane zones like Florida, regular windows and doors are simply not enough. The high winds and flying debris can easily breach standard glass, leading to significant property damage and potential injury

Impact glass is designed to withstand these harsh conditions, maintaining the integrity of your home and keeping your family safe.

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Doors and Windows in Florida

Sanctuary Windows and Doors is a leading provider in Florida, offering a wide range of high-quality, hurricane-resistant windows and doors. We understand the local climate and the specific needs of Florida residents, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Our range of high-impact windows and doors are not only built to withstand the toughest weather conditions but also add aesthetic value to your home. We believe in providing products that offer peace of mind, energy efficiency, and enhanced security.

Customized Solutions

Our range includes various styles and designs, allowing homeowners to choose options that best fit their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Expert Installation

We ensure that every installation is performed with precision and care, maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of your impact-resistant windows and doors.

Impact Window Installer


For Florida residents, especially those living in hurricane zones, the choice between normal and impact windows and doors is clear. Impact-resistant options offer unparalleled safety, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Sanctuary Windows and Doors is committed to providing top-tier solutions that cater to the unique challenges of living in such a dynamic environment. Contact us today!

Looking for Impact Windows and Doors Installation in Florida?

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Discover What Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County Residents are Saying About Sanctuary Windows and Doors

Josh Parreco
Josh Parreco
We bought a house last year in Hollywood and Sanctuary recently completed the whole house installation of hurricane doors and windows. I got quotes from several companies before the project. We have some unique windows that all the companies needed to charge extra for. All the quotes were in the same ballpark but I really liked the responsiveness and honest discussions from everyone at Sanctuary so I went with them. The install went smooth and we are incredibly happy with the final result. The house feels super secure now and we got a great discount on our home owners insurance. We had an issue with the inspection of our unique windows but Alex, Gannon, and the whole team went above and beyond to get the project completed at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this company anyone. Thank you!
lionel milanes
lionel milanes
I used Sanctuary window and doors to replace all windows and doors in my home with impact windows and doors. From start to finish everything was quality work and the installation crew was amazing. Highly recommended. -Odalis Milanes
Andrea Lyn
Andrea Lyn
Alex and his team are awesome. They installed my impact sliders last year and they were efficient and easy to work with. I have had an issue come up since and the same day someone was at my house fixing the issue which is outstanding. I will continue to recommend them to my neighbors and whoever needs the services they provide.
Rob DelVecchio
Rob DelVecchio
We choose Sanctuary Windows and Doors to replace our aging front double doors and back single door with hurricane/impact rated French doors and are very pleased with both the product and the installation. The entire team was very professional from the beginning of the sales process all the way through the installation. Thank you Sanctuary Window and Doors for a job well done!
Laura Correia
Laura Correia
Had 8 windows and 3 doors replaced. They did a great job and highly recommend. The windows took months but this is not something that they have control over. Alex kept his word on everything...extremely trustworthy. Thanks again!
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
Gustavo Z. Alfonso
From the very beginning, I sensed a very positive vibe dealing with Alex. Hard to find a business that delivers on its promise so responsibly. The installation staff were also true professionals and very courteous. 100% recommended.
Nicholas Garofalo
Nicholas Garofalo
Work delivered as promised by a seasoned team of window professionals. Windows are high quality and greatly enhanced the look of the house while providing us the security of of knowing we have hurricane proof windows and doors. Installation was done quickly. Would definitely use them again.